Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vintage Pins

Vintage costume jewelry that I use on my bags. I especially love the earrings that look like seeds and nuts. The other pieces shown are pins.

This weekend I made these two purple and green bags. I am not sure what to call them. Travel bags, special occasion bags, date purses . . . hmmmm

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sewing for FabMo

First two bags I made this week. Last week I went to an estate sale that had a huge collection of costume and vintage jewelry; I was inspired by the pins and earrings. I decided to use them as decorative items, buttons, or clasps for the bags I will be making for the Textile Boutique through FabMo.

I used a heavier weight 100% linen made in Scotland for the main fabric. The color is a wonderful purple brown. The lining is a lemon yellow brocade silk blend. The pockets are a blend of linen and the decorative piece on the pocket is silk. The thread on the pocket edge is a decorative gold thread; I used my new serger with the thread in the upper looper. I am loving the textures of these fabrics, and playing around with the colors. The flower pin, looks like ivory, but is probably a plastic.

This small purple travel "make up" bag has a pocket on the outside and inside. Still experimenting with the handle or strap treatment. This handle fits around a door knob, if you wanted to hang it up.