Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Make-up bags with Fabmo Fabric

Featherweight Freemotion

Bold Butterfly

This pillow was designed to sit on a brown chair in my front room. The four circles shifted position from center during the wet felting process, so I decided to turn it into a butterfly. The antennae were applied with needles.
The wool fibers are from Judith Colvin's lovely sheep. I just love the way the end product feels, lumps, bumps and all.
Prefelts drying in my backyard, such a nice blue. I plan to make a second pillow. This butterfly needs a friend.
We worked on my mom's pillows also. Paco needs to be apart of the day.

Caterpiller Race Pillows

These two felted pillows were designed to sit on my purple couch in our family room.  I designed the one on the left first in the class that Judith Colvin taught in February at Sue's home. Below is the layout for this pillow, prefelts were white fiber and purple/brown.