Monday, December 22, 2014

Constellation of Mold

Opened a dye pot that I had left in the studio. And wow . . . look at the gorgeous burst of colors and the amber beads that appear radiating like jewels in a circle above another. I find this very intriguing, and would enjoy recreating this in some way. Most definitely art that is one of a kind. Don't think I could make this happen again. This mold alive and growing, came after the crazy rain storms we had. The studio was very wet and cold. This is what I love about the process of creating, the surprises that come of their own fruition. Mold can be beautiful. Why not ?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Art Ark Gallery

It was a pleasure to be selected as one of fifty local artist to show work at the Art Ark Gallery this holiday season. It was the fifth annual salon style exhibition and sale. The Art Ark Gallery is located in San Jose, they have a mission to encourage artists and engage the community. Thanks to dear friends and family that came out to enjoy the music, food, art, and meet new friends. It was inspiring.

Wet felted pods with lights.

It was fun to design the installation using a
branch from our Persimmon tree.