Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Each One is Unique

Here is a close up of the ornaments we made yesterday. Mom's is on the far left. Mine is in the middle and Tory's is on the right. The watch chain is a crochet chain, made with gold thread. The buttons on his vest are black sequins with a black bead in the center.

Sewing Felt Ornaments

Yesterday mom taught Tory and I how to make the White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland. My mom has made numerous felt xmas ornaments over the years. She used to sell them to friends; and has made many for my sisters and I. It was so much fun watching the characters come to life, and even more fun spending the time with Tory and my mom. Mom cut out all the pieces before we arrived and had all the tools ready to go. So nice. Thanks mom. Next time we hope to make the Mad Hatter.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sewing Today

It was a great day, and I had fun sewing this polka dot pin cushion. I used trims and fabrics that I bought at Stone Mountain and Daughter, a great fabric store in Berkeley. The design is based off a "pumpkin" pattern that my friend Kathy let me borrow. It has a 5/8" black elastic band on the back so you can wear it on your wrist while you sew.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cullen's Internship

Today Cullen left for Missouri. He will be working at Hallmark cards for the summer. We are very proud and look forward to hearing about his adventures and of course seeing what he will create. He is working in the keepsake division, at Hallmark in Kansas City. If you are interested is seeing just how talented he is, you can look at his portfolio. Make sure and click on the images so you can view them large. Scroll down to the bottom to see his sculptures.
We are extremely proud of him, can't you tell ?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My New Blog

I gave up on using iWeb, which is the application I was using to create my blog for the past two years. Apple changed things when they went to Mobile Me and I am not happy with the changes. Also, I was having problems publishing new content. So, it was time to try something new. From the old, which you can find here, to the new, which you can find here, I go kicking and screaming. I suppose it is good to be challenged. I won't be able to post as many images, which is sad. And it seems the template designs you use with this free blogger service from Google, are more about writing. I am not the best writer, I prefer to focus on images. I do hope to keep to my original mantra, which is "keep it simple". And I may have to link to sites when I want to post multiple images. Let me know what you think.

Spring Break with Holly

Holly was home for her spring break a few weeks ago. It seemed like we had the whole week together, which was delightful. A trip to Santa Cruz, lunch at Gayle’s in Capitola, a walk with Paco to Santa Row to buy Twilight when it came out in DVD, are a few of our adventures. My mom joined us for the day in SF; we went exploring on Hayes Street. I would recommend having lunch at Bar Jules, and make sure and taste Parisian macarons at Paulette. Oh . . . and we managed to schedule some doctors appointments in between. Holly now has reading glasses. . . and an adjusted spine. I went in with her to her first visit to a chiropractor; and I watched as the doctor cracked her hip . . . yikes it was scary.