Monday, January 21, 2013

Gnome Felt Ornament

This felt ornament design was a collaboration between Beryl Meuli, my niece Britta Chaska, and myself. We each made a Gnome and I will post the other two later. This guy is mine. The curly hair comes from Judith Colvin's Blue-faced Leicester sheep she raises in Montana. The green and blue felt used in the jacket I made from pre-dyed wool fiber, using a wet felting method. The other felts were purchased. I used some needle felting to create the creases in his hat. This guy has been a year in the making, he was originally going to be a elf fairy. We went to work beginning Saturday and worked two straight days to finish.
Front view
Cute little bum.
Back of jacket shows his pleat.
Curly bits from a sheep.
Stocking are embroidered with a chain stitch.
His bum was shaped using needle felting.