Sunday, June 29, 2014

Black Licorice + Shibori

Having a black scarf in your wardrobe is a must. I spotted some wild fennel on the freeway off ramp coming home from Davis. And decided to harvest some for these three scarfs. The wool gauze dyed nicely to a golden yellow. Silk crepe de chine and silk chiffon dyed a very light yellow. Next I decided to over dye with black. Love the contrast of the black. While ironing these, the smell of the fennel with the black shibori patterns, made me think of black licorice.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Drawing with Thread

The Visual School of Philosophy offered a class in Stone Lithography. I decided to enroll. To begin, you must draw with grease pencils onto the limestone. Being more comfortable with a sewing machine, I decided to do some free motion quilting with my Featherweight.

Here are some of the experiments. These characters just come to life. I don't know what these people will be when I begin, really . . . except that I was inspired by paper silhouettes. The needle starts at the top of the head and then I just go, they make me laugh.

The tricky part is interpreting these onto the stone. The last image shows my first drawing on stone.