Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Restorative Yoga - Eye Pillow

Coming up on October 23 I will be selling some items at a Textile Art Boutique at Quadrus Conference Center in Palo Alto. All the items will be made from free fabric I have been collecting from FabMo. So far I have made over 20 eye pillows to use when doing restorative yoga. They are 100% silk on the side that touches your face, and the patterned side is 100% cotton. They are filled with flax seeds and the cover is washable. They are unscented.

I highly recommend using them to help with relaxation and restorative or Yin Yoga. Restorative yoga was and continues to be very helpful as I recover from my concussion. Doing simple poses like "legs up the wall" for 15 minutes with one of these pillows over you eyes is very relaxing.

Halloween 2010

This year I am very happy to decorate for Halloween. We have a tradition of having a party on the night of Halloween for neighbors and friends. We started this tradition 20 years ago when my son was 5 years old. I make spaghetti and friends bring salads, garlic bread and wine. I have been collecting Halloween decorations and many of my treasures are gifts from my mom. Here are a few photos. Notice the orange dishes in my corner cabinet, these were my grandmothers. Happy early Halloween.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Here are some color studies of a cleaner version of a label design for textile projects. What do you think ?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Giving myself credit

I am working on a new sewing project. The Yoga Studio will be opening in Campbell the end of this month. My yoga teacher asked if anyone wanted to make eye pillows for trade. I decided to say yes. My plan was to use some fabrics from "Fabmo" (free fabric give away business). I wanted to use 100% silk for the side that rests on your eyes, and 100% cotton for the back; no scents would be used. The pillows are filled with Flax seed, and I made a separate cover that can be washed. I have been enjoying the process, trying to figure out a good system so I can make at least 30 of them. The plan was to work for trade (hours of yoga). Sounds good, but what I am being offered is really more of a donation, which is fine. Too bad, sewing is not valued. But . . . I decided that at least I should put my name on them. So I am working on a label design that could be embroidered onto a "purple grey heavy silk". I am enjoying the process. Here is the design, as of today. And I do feel good about giving myself credit and I will use this on other projects as well.