Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Silkscreen of Doris Duncan

This is an image I really love. The model is my maternal grandmother Doris Duncan, her maiden name was Urie. Her father was a photographer. There are some wonderful images of her as a child having fun in front of the camera. She was very comfortable and you can sense that she enjoyed having her father's attention, as he used her as his muse. I used this image of her as a young woman for a silkscreen project. It may have ben taken before she was married. I don't know anything about the hat she is wearing, it may have just been a prop and not really something she owned.

I silkscreened the image on cotton muslin, some of my eco dyed fabrics, and bristol board. The ink color is denim blue. Stay tuned to see what these fabric bits morphs into.

Black image before it was printed to film 
Ink from overlay

Proof on newsprint

Printing on eco dyed cotton