Friday, May 24, 2013

Layering of my fabrics

The results of the past weeks experiments. Not sure what I will create with these fabrics, but I am enjoying the process.

Linen soaked in milk

I opened this bundle of linen/cotton blend that I had in my stash from an estate sale. I had soaked the fabric in milk and let it air dry for a few days. I wrapped it around a copper pipe, leaves used were eucalyptus, flowering plum, and California Buckeye. Before rolling, I sprinkled the folded piece with iron water. The dye bath used was a combination of water from the last three dye baths with lots of flowering plum in the water. Simmered for one hour, let sit overnight (18 hours), before opening. Anyway, I was so amazed at the variety of color . . . I attached a photo. I hung the piece in the shade to dry. Unfortunately the color has really changes once it dried. I attached a photo of the dried piece also. Next time I will try wool and hope to retain some of the vibrancy.

Pleased that I was able to capture this moment.
Color faded once dried, which is to be expected,
but after a gentle saltwater rinse the color changed.

Linen wrapped around a copper pipe.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flowering Plum Tests

Silk wrapped around a rock from Auburn.
Dye Bath flowering plum, eucalyptus, and a copper bowl. 
Silk wrapped around a rock from Auburn, same dye bath.
Pomegranate tea bags, with eucalyptus.

Eco Dyeing on Fabric

I have done 2 groups of dyeing, since the class with India Flint.
First Day:
Flowering plum, eucalyptus, and a old copper bowl in the dye bath. Above is a photo of a wool sample tied around a copper pipe. The areas that touched the copper pipe and where on the outside of the bundle turned a dark green. The pointy eucalyptus leaves (not the scientific name :) I found while hiking and I picked the most crusty leaves I could find, they had spots all over and the edges are chewed up. After dyeing, I strained the plants and kept the dye in a glass mason jar, to use again. The leafs from the dye bath I put in the pages of an old phone book to keep them flat and I plan to use them again and see what happens.
Second Day:
Flowering plum (lots of it) in the dye bath. This time I tried dipping the flowering plum leaves in "iron water" before laying them on the fabric. - I can post photos of the results tomorrow. 
Iron water:
Put water in a rusty metal bucket, added rusty bits that I found at a metal salvage yard in Redwood City. Then I added a cup of vinegar. Letting this sit for days.
Happy Dyeing . . .

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wayfarer's Windfall Cloth with India Flint

Samples stitched together before we cut into them.

Some of my samples.
Plants on wool cloth before rolling.
After dyeing waiting to be opened.
After opening.
Wool cloth wrapped and tied around a found rusty piece from a lantern.

Materials for eco printing.
Tin Thimble, darling shop in a fruit packing barn in Loomis. A must see for any fiber artist.

American River near Auburn, where I stayed. Went hiking on the western states trails.
Hiking in a meadow on Friday.